From the recording Outside the Box

Recorded Live
BPM: 155.81
Length: 4:30
320 kbps mp3


Cry Just A Little More
Words and Music by Ray Valdez
Copyright 1991

Cry just a little, cry just a little more
Say it in my ear so I can hear how you cried before
A little bit of time and you want me to be your man
But what you really want to tell me - it just wasn't in the plan

You got your heart set baby yeah
And you know just what to do
You wanna cry like a baby yeah
It's all up to you

Cry just a little
Cry just a little more
I know what you're thinking
You don't see me taking score
So cry just a little
Cry just a little more

Your friends hear you talkin'
They know just what you say
You lie when you say it
They believe you anyway
Take your time when you do it
It works better when it's slow
Close your eyes when you kill
It feels better when you know